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Time heals all wounds

Hila Naftali - Psychologist in Tel Aviv

As a child Grownups tell you this all the time, but they actually have no idea what it means. They just saying it to you, because when they were younger someone said it to them. Over the years I understood that this is simply not true. Time does not heal all wounds, it's what you do with the time that is given to you that does. If you simply sit around and do nothing, time will heal nothing.

Should you decide, however, to attend to your wound, then time will help you heal and get better.

This concept is the main idea behind every kind of Therapy and Treatment. There is no such thing as "instant healing". No matter how much you want it or your Lifestyle demands it, "instant healing" is not possible. So Time plays an important Part in the healing Process, but without Therapy or Treatment, there is no healing Process. Over the years I observe people fighting with this concept. Many, are struggling with deep wounds and refuse to go to Treatment, believing that Time is their Healer. As a Result, they will never get the healing that they deserve and Time will only make things worse.

Remember, there is nothing worse than to have an untreated open wound for a year. Except maybe an untreated wound for a year and one day. So the sentence should be:

Time and Treatment/Therapy will heal all wounds, except scars. Scars stay with us, because they remind us where we have been. Time and Treatment/Therapy will help us look at our scars differently.

So do not worsen your situation by waiting around. call now so the healing process can finally begin: 0532809660

Hila Naftali - Psychologist and Psychoyogi

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