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Trust that you do not understand.

It is interesting how much we can learn by staying open. Every time I think I understand, I get another lesson from life that teaches me “not quite yet”. Today I am wise enough to surrender to that understanding and I even start laughing every time I fall on my face because I was ignorant to think I understand. In truth, I do not understand, and I probably never will. What I can do is surrender to the understanding of never understanding fully. Life is not about understanding. Life is about living. Life is about being.

Sometimes that means accepting things as they are without understanding. It means that the cosmic energy is the deep understanding, and we must trust in that energy field surrounding us, living in us and guiding us through life.

Trust is not something that comes easy to me, because humans have let me down all my life. Many parents do not understand how vulnerable their children are because they are too busy worrying about their own vulnerability. As a result, they leave their children alone and helpless. Thus, they grow up trusting no one. The lucky ones, me included, start trusting themselves, pull up their sleeves and become extremely strong and independent. The unlucky ones start feeling like victims and usually fall into addiction and become extremely dependent. They keep looking for someone to save them.

People who fall into victimhood are the hardest people to help. They always blame others, blame circumstances, blame everything and everyone. What they lack is responsibility for their lives. They are stuck in blame, never moving forward, constantly living in their past. I have learned a long time ago, that I cannot help everyone. Especially people who resist taking responsibility for their lives. They will never move forward. Moving forward means to allow yourself to move. People who are stuck in their victimhood, wait for someone else’s permission to move and that is why they stay stuck. Being means taking responsibility. Living means giving yourself permission to be. If you decide that you have suffered enough and you want to move out of your victimhood, start with 4 basic rules:

1. Give yourself permission to be.

2. Trust in yourself

3. Take responsibility

4. Understand that you will never understand fully.


Life is not about understanding. Life is about being.

Being means taking responsibility.

Hila Naftali

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