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Hila Naftali

Psychologist & Psycho-yogi

Are you ready to change your life?

Are you ready to let go of anxiety\trauma\addiction?

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My name is Hila Naftali. I am a psychologist and a certified yoga teacher with 20 years’ experience in consulting clients and help them transform their lives. I specialize in treating men and women who suffer from anxiety, trauma and/or addiction. Men and women who feel stuck, confused and in pain from their daily lives and want to learn how to evolve past their own limiting believes. My approach is unique and was developed through a deep understanding that the body, mind and soul are inextricably linked, and therefor must be considered equally in order for true change to occur.


Since 2013 I manage my private practice in Tel Aviv in three languages: English, Hebrew and German.

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Combining the wisdom of Psychology and Yoga.
Learn how to live a life free from anxiety, trauma and addiction.
Learn to experience Life instead of thinki
ng it.
Learn how to communicate what you want.
Learn to have meaningful relationships that help you grow and evolve.


Contact Me

Feel free to book a Session. No strings attached.

Come and experience what it is like when you have a place that allows you to explore your true self, your true wishes and feelings. Learn how to experience life fully.


Tel: +972-53-2809660


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