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Psycho-yoga: The gift of being present

The American cartoonist Bil Keane wrote: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.” I love this quote. It reminds me of how I found my presence and why I developed Psycho-yoga Therapy.

I remember the first time I bowed to someone else. I was six years old and in Ballet class bowing to my teacher at the end of each session. It never ever bothered me to bow to another Person. When you dance and perform you bow down to your teacher and the Audience all the time. The hard part was learning to bow to myself. Yoga taught me to thank my Mind, Body and Soul for being able to enjoy a full practice without causing myself injury or pain. When I put my hands together in front of my chest and press them gently against my heart, I feel the urge to bow and it liberates me. Liberates me from criticism towards myself and my surroundings. At that moment I just feel present. No thoughts, no words needed just that moment of letting go. Letting go of what I should be, what I should do, who I should love, how I should behave and what I should feel. Instead I just am. I am the person I am. Gentle with a soft smile on my face. No hard shell surrounds me, no need to explain and no need to satisfy my surroundings. I am not concerned about what was and there is no fear or concern about what "might" be. There is just me, my Body, Mind and Soul taking a moment to breath and be present. I don’t want to live a life I "should" live! I just want to be present. What better way to feel that presence than to take a minute, thank myself for being present, bow down and except the gift I was given.

Psychotherapy that combines Yoga principles takes this important fact into consideration. if we don't consider and respect our Mind, Body and Soul and learn how to behave accordingly positiv change is not possible. Only when we look at things as they are in the present moment we will be able to evaluate them correctly in order to change the outcome to a more positiv one. In order to reach a Lifestyle that feels wonderful and calms our Mind, Body and Soul we need to learn how to be gentle with ourselves, reduce criticism and don't let our fears restrict or guide us. This principles can be taught and we all can learn how to bow to ourselves and have a Life that feels great instead of looks great on the outside. just call -0532809660

Hila Naftali – Psychologist and Psycho-yogi

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