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Intentions – what am I aiming for?

Intentions – what am I aiming for?

One of the biggest challenges we have as human beings is to truthfully look at our intentions. What are we really aiming for in life? Are we even aware of the fact that we can act out of certain intentions? Why is this important?

In my life I had the privilege to sit in front of a lot of people talking to me about their lives and what I have learned over the years are two main things:

1. As human beings we avoid looking at our truth, and as a result

2. We lie to ourselves and others constantly.

These two things lead to a life that seems to be a mystery to us and we find ourselves in total chaos. Most of us will feel so much pressure and stress at some point that we will lie to ourselves even more, or finally if we are wise enough, seek help. I am privileged to the once that seek help. The help that follows is simple: to seek their truth together – to learn to look at it truely – to help them to forgive themselves for not being able to see it sooner – and to move on with truthful intentions.

The process of understanding our true intentions in life is important, in order to understand that for the most part we can decide how we live. If my intentions are living to please others and lying to myself about that then happiness is not something I can obtain. What I will have is pressure and stress from trying to please everyone around me while completely forgetting myself. Being able to look at our truth takes courage and a deep understanding of oneself. Sometimes this is hard to see on one's own and the perspective of an observer can help a great deal with that understanding. Sometimes we even think we know our true Intentions, but we end up in chaos anyway.

One great example of such a false "true" intention is searching for fast solutions through drugs, alcohol, sex and excessive working. These things can never be a solution they can only blind us more. The minute we pause, our chaos rushes back and this time even hits us harder. There are no fast Solutions to "false" intentions. If we want to live life well, our intentions must be truthful to ourselves and others.

So how do I see truthful intentions?

If my intended results and the actual results are the same. Truthful intentions get the results I intended and thus make my life clearer. Where there is truth there is a clear sky. Lying is full of dark clouds.

Ask yourself: what are my true Intentions in life? and then stick with your answer. Don’t hide behind fast solutions, because there aren’t any. If you want to know yourself, look at yourself truthfully. Learn to seek help that forces you to look at yourself and makes you see your true intentions clearly.

Hila Naftali - Psychoyogi

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