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Anahata - Heart chakra

I was always very connected to my Heart, although I never quiet understood it. I just always felt very strongly about everything around me and my Heart always guided me through Life. For that Reason, I never did what people expected of me. Never. I never cared what society demanded from me, but I cared when my Heart talked to me. Today after years of walking the Path with Psychology and Yoga I finally understand why my Heart guided me the way it did and I am glad I listened, even with all the critics around me. Sometimes we must keep on believing even if we don't understand at first.

As Human beings we are taught from a very young age that our Hearts are irrelevant in Life. Society demands from us a cool Head. Western society says: "Think than act", " Never show "negative" Emotions and always feel good and happy". As a Result, we forget that we are living breathing beings and that our Heart is the greatest Gift we have received from Nature. Through our Heart we feel what is right, we feel our Breath, we feel music, laughter, tears and frustration. Through our Heart we feel Life! Life is about experiencing it and feeling it every second of every day. There is no such thing as "negative" or "positive" Emotions. There is just feeling Life. The Mind is trying to convince us that we must feel a certain way, although it is not the Minds job. The Minds job is to think not to feel. That’s why we get confused in Life. Almost every time I ask a patient how they feel; they look at me shocked and then they try to figure out how they feel through thinking. I always ask at least three times until most of them understand that they do not know how they feel. Most of their Lives they have been concerned about how they are supposed to feel and not how they really feel.

For that Reason, I work with Anahata – the Heart Chakra or in other words the energetic Heart (spiritual Heart). Through simple breathing exercises and focus on the place where Anahata is located we restart our Heart and our connection to it. We start understanding ourselves better, because we experience Emotions the minute, they come up instead of thinking about or analyzing Emotions we think we experience. Life must be felt and experienced, otherwise we are not living, we are confusing living with thinking and being stuck in our Mind.

An open Heart gives us back ourselves and calms the Mind. We start feeling Life and stop thinking about how Life is supposed to feel or how it's supposed to be. There is no right or wrong way. There is just the way of our beautiful precious Heart.

Hila Naftali - Psychoyogi

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