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Don't cloud your eyes through social media. Think and feel for yourself.

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Don't let social media cloud your eyes

Someone said once: "The eyes are the window to our soul" and though I have no idea who said it first, I believe that this intelligence has been around for an exceptionally long time. I have studied human behavior all my life, way before I even started studying psychology or practicing yoga. If there is a place that shows us everything there is to know about the soul, it is in our eyes. Our eyes change immensely when our soul is fractured. Darkness comes over them and no matter the color, our eyes will get darker. A soft fog will cover them until the soul is cleared. I have seen it happen to a lot of people over the years and I have seen how their eyes get clearer the more they become aware of their darkness. As healing begins and the soul gets flooded by light, our eyes brighten up. They will become clear like still clean water and other people will be able to see their reflections in them. For us to heal our soul we must be honest with ourselves and stop living a life that others expect of us. There is nothing that darkens the soul more as trapping it in a cage of social requirements. I am all for sharing wisdom and love through social media but if you use social media to tell you how to live, or/and change your face and eyes with filters to hide who you are, you are caging yourself and social media will become your puppet master. Social media can be beautiful if you do not use it as tool to understand who you are. First understand who you are and what you want in life and then you can enjoy social media without being controlled by it. You deserve a life that is your own, no matter what it looks like. You do not have to explain yourself to anyone, but you better have an explanation for yourself. Otherwise, your soul will feel trapped and you are back in prison. Your soul will never be satisfied with an answer like: " I am doing it because everyone is doing it". Your soul is too intelligent for that and you will suffer. Maybe not consciously, but in the end, you will pay the price for not following what you really want. So, stop doing what everyone else is doing and start using that beautiful heart and brain of yours to figure out what you really want. After that roll up your sleeves and go and get what you want. No sitting on the couch waiting. Go grab your dreams!

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