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How much Room do I give myself to breathe?

woman holding breath under water
The Breath

Foto: Stefano Zocca

When doctors approach patients the first thing they do is check heart and lungs and tell the patient to breathe in, deeply. Even in "western" society human beings understand the meaning of the breath.

How is it then, that we are never concerned with our breathing in day to day Life?

How is it that we were never told to ask ourselves the most important question there is: 

How much room do I give myself to breathe?

Breath is Life!

When we are born the first thing we do is inhale deeply. No inhale, no Life.So, everything starts and ends with the breath. Why then, are we more concerned with "loosing" time than with breathing? The chances of us "loosing" time if we ignore our breathing is much higher than if we would just pause and start breathing consciously.That is the Reason why the first thing I do in every session is breathing. The Psycho - Yogic Therapy approach I have developed over the years goes by a simple rule:

The breath comes always first and then everything else.

1.   We breathe, we feel ourselves in the here and now on the Yoga Mat.

2.   We observe, discuss and, contemplate, what we truly need in our lives to keep on breathing freely. 


The question guiding us is always:

How do I manage to keep on breathing comfortably in any given Situation? The reason for that is simple. When I breathe comfortably, I say to myself and my body that everything is fine and that reduces stress immediately. When that happens my body calms down and I can focus completely on what I am doing in the here and now. No Tension arises and my mind stays still and calm. I feel peace. This peace brings me closer to my true Self and allows me to keep on breathing comfortably. The more I consciously make room for my breath, the more I feel that peace and I enter a cycle of Health and Well-being.  So, learn to pause. Make room for your breath and if you don't know how, learn. Don't wait to get sick in order to learn. Start now! Right where you are. Inhale and Exhale consciously into the chest in and out through the nose. Take 5 deep breath and watch how change happens, just because you dared to take a minute to breathe. Understand deeply that without your breath there can be no true living, just barely surviving. Ask yourself if this is how you want to live and if not, you are always welcome to learn how to make room for your breath. Just contact me: 0532809660. Together we will figure out what you need in your life to go back and breathe peacefully, consciously, and happily, so your life will mirror your breathing.

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