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Ajna Chakra - The genius of the third eye.

my hands are in namaste on the third eye
Ajna Chakra - the genius of the third eye

As human beings it is important for us to learn to observe the wholeness of things, people, and situations. Sadly, most of us are taught to have tunnel vision and in times of social media this tunnel vision gets amplified. This makes us shallow and unable to view lives complexity. As a result, we are blind to the truth of things, situations, and people, which causes us stress and anxiety. Now, I know that most people are scared to look at the wholeness of truth and even run from it, but after working in my field for as long as I have, believe me when I say, you want to know.

Seeing truth gives us the ability to deal with whatever comes our way. Staying in tunnel vision makes us blind to the truth and therefor blind to deal with difficulties that arise.

That’s the reason why we have the third eye. Our physical eyes can be blinded, but not our sixth energy center - the third eye (Ajna Chakra). Our third eye sits a little above the center of our eyebrows. This sixth energy center when activated through concentration, breathing, and relaxing our forehead, opens, and allows us to view every situation, object, and human in its wholeness. When closed and unbalanced we are blinded by anxiety and false information.


Sit or lie comfortably on your back, concentrate on the area a little above the center of your eyebrows, breathe and relax your forehead. Draw all your attention into your body, release thought and open. Take ten deep breath.

Start seeing things, situations and people as they truly are and not how you want them to be.


**In the picture my hands touch the third eye in Namaste.

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